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This is a revised version to our original dock mount. It is now injection molded! Along with the mount now being injection molded in a UV resistant polypropylene like the OEM vent the AP will now sit lower in the vent and will NOT require hardware for install. It simply snaps in like the stock vent for the easiest install possible. The lower position allows better visibility and windshield clearance when you are taking your AP on and off its dock as well. 

The Dialed Mounts dock mount allows you to run the cable through your dash so you don't see it for a super clean look. This also means you no longer have to fumble with your cable. To plug your access port in you will simply have to set the AP on the dock and it will automatically connect. The supplied adapter does all the work for you. 

The AP is secured inside the dock using the cable connection, the cradle the AP sits in and a high power neodymium magnet on the backside of the dock. This will insure your AP stays put on those high G launches and corners.

One of the best features of the V2 version is we are now using ducting from the factory vent to the dock it self. This insures the vent still blows air like stock to keep your windows defrosted. 

There is NO CUTTING DRILLING OR MODIFYING OF YOUR DASH. You can return your car to stock with no signs of install if you choose at a later date. 


NOTE: In our hunt to maximize the air flow through the dock we have noticed some models will require slight trimming to the oem vent duct as the cable adapter may contact it. If your dock wont push down flat into the dash you will need to trim the duct slightly as some seem to have more flashing on the end then others.